Tuesday, March 3, 2009

To everyone that got redirected to this blog...

I have redirected my polymer clay doll blog to this glass blog because that is where my interest is now. I no longer make polymer clay dolls, I just don't have the interest anymore. When I discovered glass I planned to continue making dolls but the glass won out. I could no longer force myself to sculpt dolls for hours and sometimes days to sell them for practically nothing. The last few dolls I made I decided to keep to remember the time in my life as a dollmaker. The dolls were on Etsy but I took them down because the wonderful economy created by the greedy corporations has made consumers scared to buy anything that is not a necessity because they are in fear of losing their jobs. Glass items are different, it doesn't take days to make one bead so you can sell them at a price that is reasonable in a bad economy. What I also love about glass is that I don't lose interest in making stuff because it doesn't take days to finish. When I was making dolls, many times I would lose interest in the doll and it would go unfinished. So I am sorry to the people that land here after being linked to my doll site but I will be working in glass from now on. Please remember that I can also sculpt in glass so in time there may be some Halloween or gothy type beads and sculpture. Sculpting in glass is going to take some practice though since it is a whole different medium than polymer clay.

So in the mean time, I will be selling off most of my doll/fairy making stuff on ebay for others to buy so they can begin creating wonderful things in clay. I have a link to my ebay on the side of this blog and here so please keep checking it to see if there are any dollmaking items you would like to buy:

Items on Ebay

If you still want to see my polymer clay dolls please visit my doll flickr page where I have most of them posted.

Doll Flickr

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