Thursday, February 26, 2009

My mojo is finally back..

Well, after being sick for almost 2 weeks, I am finally back to torching. I have been playing with boro for a couple of days trying to make pendants from Mr. Smiley's dvd. Last night I decided I was frustrated with boro, even with the very hot outer flame of the phantom. I decided I would rather play with soft glass and one of the beads is ruined because I accidently used a clear boro rod to make accent dots. I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't stick to the bead but then when I took it out of the kiln this morning I discovered cracked and smashed accent beads all over the bead. I try to keep the boro on one side and the soft glass on the other but unfortunately they got mixed up. The following bead luckily didn't get any boro mixed in with it, I used ivory, hades black, kronos2 and encased with marine wave. I don't know if I like marine wave that much. It tends to get scum on it and it gets all bubbly kind of like moretti clear. I tend to like laushca for encasing because it is so clean and pretty but I had to try Sarah's tip on hades and marine wave to see what would happen.


Anonymous said...

What a nice bead!

I'm glad you are feeling better!

msteeleart said...

Thank you Robin. :)