Thursday, August 21, 2008

I've lost my marbles!

I know I said I would make a bead a day but I kind of went on a detour. I have been trying to make marbles the last couple of nights. Why marbles? Well, I received the 5 pounds of boro and my marble mold that I won on ebay so I wanted to try a marble. When I was a kid I used to collect marbles. I've noticed that not a lot of women glassmakers are into making marbles. I wonder why that is. Maybe they don't like not using a marver. I actually love not using marvers but using punties takes some getting used to. I still haven't mastered the cold punty, for me it just turns into a fused punty. I rented Essential Marbles from Smartflix and their method of removing the extra glass off the marble just doesn't work for me. Oh well, maybe I will make another marble tonight, hopefully I will get both sides round instead of just one side.

Besides making marbles in boro, I wish I could master how to make boro heart pendants, I guess that will be next. I just wish I could ever focus on one thing for a while.

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