Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spreading Colors and A Bead a Day!

Ever since I got Sarah Hornik's tutorial I have been playing around with spreading colors. I made this one last night. I think I like it. The thing I really like about spreading colors is you can use just 3 colors and it will end up looking like 6 colors instead. The colors spread and sometimes make outlines and different shades. Tonight I am going to try and make more than one bead with the same style, maybe to make a bracelet. I just wonder how in the heck you make them the same size. The sizes of my beads seem to vary all over the place. Hopefully sizing comes with experience. The following bead is made from soft glass with the colors opal yellow, turquoise, and EDP. I will try to post at least one bead per day to keep track my improvement. After a year I will come back and look at them all and see if there is any improvement. I love watching artists grow so why not watch myself grow. So from here on out, it will be a bead a day. :)

I plan to also begin making marbles. I wish I could torch all day but I only get to do it after my husband gets home because I have a 3.5 year old and daycare is just too expensive even though I do think it would be good for him to be around other children.


Louise said...

This one's REALLY pretty! I love it! Is that Sarah's pink book you have or is there something else she has available? The spreading colours thing sounds like fun!

msteeleart said...

Thanks Louise. The tutorial I am talking about is the Think Pink ebook that Sarah Hornik wrote. It is a great ebook and I highly recommend it. :)