Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wishlist and Etsy....

Gosh I would love one of these...

Bead Press

Maybe I will be able to get one when the tax refund comes in. I also want a foot pedal for the Phantom which is $380. :( It never ends. I ordered a "mother marver" from weaverind on ebay. I decided to track it because it should have been here by now. It turns out that it got forwarded to the wrong address, I sure hope it finds it way here because it is kind of expensive to lose and I don't know if weaverind would send me another one if it did get lost by the post office. I am crossing my fingers on this.

I sold my first 4 beads on Etsy yesterday. I am thrilled. It is very encouraging when you sell stuff. :) I have a couple more beads to post but I haven't taken pictures of them yet, maybe later. :)

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