Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sasha's Silver aka Michelangelo

I am absolutely in love with this glass. It is made by Northstar in their Precision 104 glass line. It is easy to strike and the colors that come out look kind of psychedelic. The other silver glasses I have worked with aren't as easy to strike, you have to heat the crap out of them to get anything. Sasha's silver is the easiest. I had trouble finding it at first because I was looking for Michelangelo, I wonder why they changed the name to Sasha's silver.

I have decided to start listing the glass companies I have dealt with and have had a good experience with in my sidebar. I haven't had any bad experiences with any yet but some I like extremely well because of good communication and fast shipping. I just thought I should share this with everyone because I think good companies should stand out.

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