Monday, November 3, 2008

My New Torch!

I found out back in August that I had some unclaimed funds in Indiana left from my grandmother's estate so I took the plunge and bought a Phantom. I ordered hoses for it but last night I was so anxious to use it I cut off the connectors to the hoses I have and connected it. I can only connect the inner fire right now which is a Lynx. This torch is amazing. I bought a Hurricane to run the outerfire but hooked it to the innerfire at first and it made the flame just too much for me. GTT torches are said to run really hot and they are right. I can't even imagine how big the outerfire is and I am nervous to run it. I will have to build a fireproof Barley box so the flame does not hit the wall. When I get the tax refund in February I am gonna buy a foot pedal. :) I am keeping my Mega minor for a backup torch. I still love my little red torch. I made a soft glass bead and a boro pendant last night and the thing I noticed is the amount of time it takes. I can see making more beads in an hour. The bead I made maybe took 2 minutes to make.


Louise said...

Greeeeen I tell you! I'm greeen with envy ;o)
Can't wait to see how you make out with your new equipment.

louise said...

TAG! You've been tagged by me! Visit my blog and find out what you need to do ;o)