Friday, August 8, 2008

My Glass Studio!

I've taken some pics of the area I have transformed into my glass studio. I also have a painting, sculpting, and glass cutting studio in the basement. So basically the entire basement is my place. I haven't been using the other areas of the basement lately cause all I feel like doing is making beads and playing with glass. :) My DH thinks the basement is very boring and doesn't like to be down there much. He tends to favor the couch in front of his laptop. He actually said he would melt some boro someday but I just can't see it. So here are the pics, please don't mind the ugly wall with the flowers on it, the previous owners used to have a beauty shop down there which is good because I have separate circuits for my fan, oxycons, and my kiln.

My Mega Minor Torch

The new black cased oxycon from Oxygen Unlimited

My ghetto ventilation fan


Everwild said...

Very nice set up, Michelle! (and the vent doesn't look ghetto from here; it looks economic :) I look forward to seeing your glass works.


P.S. I have your other blog in my reader, but I'm slow and clueless and had to discover this one through Susan's blog.

Happy lamp working!

msteeleart said...

Thank you Diann. :)