Monday, August 11, 2008

I bought Sarah Hornik's tutorial Think Pink and I decided I would try to make one of the beads the other night. I knew it would crack if I didn't put it directly into the kiln after I made it so I preheated the doll kiln since the mandrels are too long for the paragon I have without the bead door. The doll kiln kind of sucks as an annealer because you have to open the top door and lay the mandrel on the kiln shelf. I used some kiln furniture so it wouldn't roll onto the floor bottom. A bead door would be so nice so I could just slide the mandrel right in without having to put on the huge oven mits. I guess that will be next. It's like you always need something new. Well, here is the bead, I think I overheated the rubino oro a little too much but otherwise I am happy with it. It isn't too bad for someone who can't even do swirlies with a stringer yet. I burned my thumb the other night while trying to do swirlies the way Corina describes it on her dvd. :(

If you don't know who Sarah Hornik is then you must check out her blog, after I discovered her beads I had to try lampworking.

Sarah Hornik

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Susan said...

Hey there Michelle, your bead certainly shows that you understand the technique. It looks just like hers to me. I never sprung for a kiln, so I never got to make larger beads. You are certainly right, there is always something else waiting for us to purchase, no matter which medium we are working with. I am really interested to see what you come up with next. Have a great week.