Monday, April 15, 2013

Why I Quit Facebook...

Facebook reminds me of a fake suburb where everything is positive and no one voices their real feelings.  People you know in real life act totally different on Facebook.  You wonder when you are reading their posts, who is this person?  I feel like I can never express my real feelings or people will drop me as a friend.  Do I care?  I don't want to but something deep inside me does care.  I never feel comfortable expressing who I really am on there.  Why have a place to write if you can't write what you really want to?  Another thing that pisses me off about Fakebook is the fact that people will write that they drank a beer at a bar with their zillion and one friends and they get 100 likes and if I post a picture of a bead I made, I will be lucky to get a couple likes.  I was creative and made something and the other person drank a beer.  If this is how shallow people have become, this makes me sad.  I really don't care to see pictures people take of themselves in their different sunglasses and different poses.  Also, please stop it with the cell phone in front of the mirror picture, it is cheezy and no one really cares to see it even though you think so.

And yes I will post some beads and art eventually but I just felt like bitching.  I miss that people quit blogging and jumped on fakebook.  I used to enjoy reading Sarah Hornik's blog but she doesn't blog much anymore unfortunately.  I am back and I intend to stay this time.

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